Adding a feminine touch to anything can help elevate anything, especially when it comes to top metal bands with female leads. In this article, we are going to talking about famous metal bands with female leads which is sure to blow you away.


A Hard Rock group, all the way from Pennsylvania can in heavy with their music. This brother and sister duo Lzzy and Arejay Hale is a band well known for their non-stop touring and also managing a global status as one of the best in the industry. Albums like ‘I Miss the Misery’ got them the recognition that they are facing today in the industry.



Girlschool is a female metal band which has a lot to offer when it comes to music. They are some of the most successful band and are still touring and churning out some of the best studio albums from day to day. There are many motorhead collaborations which can help you have the best-supported names in the metal. They hold a worldwide cult following, and every member has their beat, which allows the group to work well together.

Walls Of Jericho

This is a band hailing from Michigan whose lead vocalist Candace Kucsulaim is known to stand front stage where she delivers her vocals. They are behind some of the most hard-hitting songs like ‘The American Dream’ and ‘A trigger Full of Promises’. Their recent album took them eight years to create and with ‘No one can save you from yourself’ they brought edge into their music.


Mark Jansen tried to create one of the strongest symphonic metal bands which had a lot to do with the Netherlands. They are known to use science, philosophy, religion in their tracks which makes it easier for the Epica to stand on their own two feet with the combination of the Jansen powerful death grunt with the female vocalist who brings in the touch of female vocal melodies.

Lacuna Coil

This is a widely popular Italian metal band which is known for changing their names in the past. One of their most famous songs Dark Adrenaline and Delirium has become an all-time favourite. The striking voice of Cristina Scabbia has always impressed metal heads from all around the world and has led the group to their heights.

Lacuna Coil


This band is named after their female lead which has a lot of influence when it comes to alternative metal. The charging voice of Otep Shamaya has always led the way with her dark harmonic voice. She is someone who loved to deal with larger heavier subject matter which can be in the recent tracks like Jonestown Tea. This song wants to explore the sexual abuse and other such aspects with a powerful message.